The Alternative 12 Steps: A Secular Guide to Recovery

Alternative 12 Steps Cover

A pioneering work.

In 1991, two women were successfully working the 12-Step program… and they were atheists. They knew the program worked, and translated the Steps into secular terms. This ground-breaking book – as valuable today as it was when it was first written – is their sharing of this secular translation.

In The Alternative 12 Steps: A Secular Guide to Recovery, Martha Cleveland and Arlys G. show how the 12-Step program can be interpreted and worked by those who simply do not believe in an interventionist deity. At the same time the authors conscientiously maintain the intention and integrity of the program – its values, scope and depth. A chapter is devoted to each Step. The language is clear, engaging and personal.

The Foreword to this Second Edition of the book begins with a striking quote from Chapter Three which captures the essence of both the book and the 12 Steps: “We can learn the universal, generic pattern of life’s dance from the 12 Steps. But in our individual dance of life, we choose our own music and dance our own dance.” The Foreword is written by Roger C., who was inspired to include the version of the Steps found in this book in his own work, published in 2013: The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps.

This is a unique, inspiring and helpful book for anyone – regardless of belief or lack of belief – who  would like to work the 12 Step program.

The Alternative 12 Steps: A Secular Guide to Recovery, by Martha Cleveland and Arlys G., Second Edition, AA Agnostica, 2014, 143 pages.

Alternative 12 Steps Cover

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