Each Breath a Gift: A Story of Continuing Recovery

Each Breath

Storytelling, vulnerable and sincere storytelling, unites us. More than just an ageless form of teaching and entertaining, storytelling is healing and nurturing for both the teller and the audience. Books, songs, movies, podcasts, chat-rooms, YouTube videos and meetings are places where gifts given are also gifts received. Each Breath is such a gift. Thomas may be new to authorship but he’s a master storyteller.

How to commune with Each Breath? It’s written chronologically and it can be enjoyed that way. Or, you can treat it like a collection of stories. Over hours, we get to explore years of the life of Thomas. We go from war abroad to domestic activism, romance and divorce, peacekeeping in Sri Lanka, 1970s AA recovery and 21st century service work that aided the first international gathering for agnostics, atheists and freethinkers in Alcoholics Anonymous in Santa Monica (2014).

Thomas is not the hero of his autobiography; he’s celebrating the people, places, awe and terror that life has gifted him. Each Breath is unabashed and authentic. Thomas lived in interesting times—be that a curse or a blessing. I am so pleased that these gripping stories are now recorded and preserved. Over the years, I have come to know Thomas. This book leaves me loving him more.

Maybe, as you’re reading, you’ll say to yourself, “I could do this; I should write my story.” Maybe you’re right and I know Thomas would laugh with pleasure that he had a small role in inspiring your dream. That’s the thing with storytelling; you’ll draw something out of this book and maybe, this book will draw something out of you.

Now, let the adventure of Each Breath begin…

From the Foreword by Joe C., author of Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life

Each Breath a Gift: A Story of Continuing Recovery, by Thomas B., AA Agnostica, 2017, 338 pages.

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