About Us


Recovery 101 has several goals.

We are currently selling The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps. You can easily purchase it through Paypal and have delivery of it within a few days.

Further along the the road, we will have a complete online addiction recovery book store. The purposes of this website then will include the following:

1To select and present 101 of the very best books on alcoholism and addiction. These are the most popular, most helpful and most important books on recovery available in 2013. It’s often very confusing picking a good book. Amazon and Hazelden have far too many. There are often too few in book stores. We have done an initial triage for you here and selected some of the very best.

Then to make it even more comprehensible, we’ve divided these books into six categories: Many Paths of Recovery; 12 Steps; Codependence; Workbooks; Meditations and Memoirs, and; Inspiration.

2To present these books in such a way that the reader has a real sense of the contents of each book and understands the approach and perspective of the book’s author. Many of the reviews found on websites are not very good. They often don’t really tell you what the book is about. They don’t place it in the context of other books (and categories of books). And they don’t try to tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each book. Recovery 101 tries to do that.

3To celebrate the many paths of recovery. Recoveries have much in common (abstinence jumps to mind) but each person will have her or his own personal recovery program. A book is only valuable to the degree to which it adds support and substance to an individual plan of recovery and the life thereafter. Again, many websites – and many people! – promote one pathway and deride others. We present them all – respectfully.

While Recovery 101 is not a blog, we have left room at the end of each book description by us, for reviews. You are encourage to write your own “review” of the book, to provide your impressions once you have read it. Was it helpful? What did you learn from the book? Remember that what you are writing is for others, to let them know how the book was helpful – or not – to you and your understanding of addiction and recovery. Then email it along to us and we will be happy to share it. Many thanks!

Enjoy the website! And enjoy the books!